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Welcome to the Consumer Communications Toolkit

The resources on this site will help you communicate with your employees in a timely and effective way. Our experience is that more communication with employees yields greater employee satisfaction and participation — which can lead to healthier employees, improved productivity and better control of your company's health care costs.

This kit contains everything you need to help your employees be more involved and more informed, and to make smart health care choices.

Choose from the above menu topics to find calendars and tools for communicating with employees, including flyers and e-mails. If this is your first time visiting the Toolkit, you may want to watch our demo to learn how to access and use all of the available resources.

In the Spotlight

Take a look at some of the new tools that we have provided for you to make your employee communications a little easier.

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Health care costs continue to outpace all others. Some factors, such as an aging population and expensive technology, cannot be controlled. But another very important factor—how your employees handle their health, their coverage and their care— can be.

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Health Topics

Throughout the calendar year, there are several months dedicated to health awareness, such as American Heart Month, Nutrition Month, Allergy and Asthma Awareness Month and many more.

Months such as these present perfect opportunities to send out relevant e-mails and flyers to build awareness among employees and encourage them to live healthier, more informed lives.

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Online Resources

A variety of useful tools and resources make it easier for your employees to understand their health care coverage and take control of their health.

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Worksite Wellness

Highmark offers various programs that allow you to help your employees lead healthier lives. In so doing, they’ll improve their health and help to control costs for themselves and for the company as well.

Each of the programs provides a source of materials to distribute to your employees or display in your workspace.

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Wellness Rewards Program

Highmark offers a Wellness Rewards Program that allows you to reward your employees for taking action toward healthier living. In so doing, they’ll improve their health and help to control costs for themselves and for the company as well.

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Health Spending Accounts

Highmark's Health Spending Account products are tax-preferred spending accounts that promote greater employee involvement in health care spending decisions and greater employee responsibility for sharing in health care costs. Each Health Spending Account product fully integrates with your company's Highmark health plan, making it easy and convenient for your employees to use.

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Health Care Reform

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA) will change the health care system in many ways — how people buy health insurance, how health care is paid for, and how the government regulates the health care system.

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