About Highmark’s Status as Official Supplier

In 2005, Highmark became the Official Healthcare Supplier of Team USA and the United States Olympic Committee, covering more than 1,000 elite athletes and 350 USOC employees each year. But what does it mean to be an Official Supplier, both for the members of Team USA and for all of our Highmark members?

Supporting Team USA: Here's a little known fact about Team USA – the U.S. Olympic Committee receives no government funding for its Olympic athletes and programs. Unlike nearly every other country , our Olympic Team is funded only through corporate sponsorships and by money that come from their fellow Americans, in the form of donations, the sale of merchandise and other contributions.

Many Team USA athletes face the same challenges that the rest of us deal with when it comes to work, family and health care. Having Highmark health insurance means that there is one less thing they have to worry about as they focus on training and competition.

Is Highmark the only supplier of health insurance to Team USA?

Yes. Of all commercial and Blues Plans in the country, Highmark is the only health insurer that is a supplier to the USOC.

Does Highmark's role as Official Supplier impact costs for members?

No. Costs associated with Highmark's supplier relationship do not impact costs for members in any way. The USOC programs are self-funded, and the USOC pays for the costs associated with providing health care benefits for the athletes and employees.

What kind of insurance do the athletes have? Is it exclusive?

The coverage the athletes have, Highmark’s PPO Blue plan, is available to groups and individuals who purchase insurance on their own.

How long has Highmark been insuring Team USA and USOC employees?

Highmark has been the Official Supplier for the USOC for nearly ten years, beginning in 2005.

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